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Professionals are finding more opportunities to advance their careers through learning opportunities that suit their lifestyles


BCBusiness University Canada West & New York Institute of Technology Vancouver

Professionals are finding more opportunities to advance their careers through learning opportunities that suit their lifestyles

By now we can all agree that 2020 has thrown the business community a wild curveball, but like all situations that lead with chaos, a silver lining has followed. The challenges over the past several months have caused upheaval, indeed, but with that came adaptability, flexibility, and the kind of ingenuity that only those with acumen for innovation can achieve.

For some innovating means change, and for some change means a new or refreshed career. With the time, energy and availability for career development or even career change, there has been an uptick in the number of British Columbians looking to hone fledgeling skills, build on long-term skills or try something altogether new. Luckily, post-secondary and adult education facilities across the Lower Mainland have been at the ready with focused, adaptable programs that deliver quality education to meet students’ individual lifestyle needs.

Sinan Caykoylu, Associate Dean of School of Management at New York Institute of Technology – Vancouver Campus points to the way the New York Tech Vancouver shifted its focus to online, stackable micro-credentials in response to earlier in the year when schooling moved to an online environment.

“Basically, individuals can learn specific topics they are interested in, and if they take enough of these micro-credentials, they can turn them into a transferable MBA credit,” Caykoylu says.

The School of Management is accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), a global accreditation that include all of New York Tech’s business programs around the world, including Vancouver.

The school offers many opportunities outside of its on-campus and distance learning programs. Thanks to the help of a business advisory board member, a New York Tech Vancouver student recently found an international internship opportunity in Finland.

Another advantage of online teaching that New York Tech Vancouver students will be attending the Broadridge Finance Challenge hosted in New York. The Challenge is open to undergraduate and graduate business management students who want and extra challenge and the chance to compete for a cash prize and to earn three college credits and one School of Management Experiential Education point. Participants work on real-time business problems formulated by executives of Broadridge Financial Solutions—a consultant firm offering technology-based solutions to the global financial services industry.

“We also offer Digital Marketing Certification that our students can earn by completing Dr. Elisa Chan’s course, which can also help learners find job in that field faster,” Caykoylu says.

Career Development Centre at University Canada West (UCW) focuses on facilitating an engaging partnership with students and alumni as they transition from higher education into the workforce and beyond. Besides learning employable skills through its Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication and Associate of Arts programs, University Canada West helps connect learners with businesses across Canada for employment and advancement opportunities.

The MBA, for instance, is an ACBSP accredited program designed to help students build resilience, acumen and the ability to make pragmatic decisions that drive the success of an organization. UCW’s partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) means that upon successful completion of the Marketing Management course students receive associate level certification from DMI.

UCW classes bring together students from around the world, bringing an international and holistic component to each class and program. Students bring different insights and perspectives to topics, depending on their culture and background.

According to January 2020 data from UCW graduates, 100% had employment within six months of graduating, 88% secured employment within three months and 67% secured employment within a month of graduation.

UCW alumni work for some of the world’s top organizations including Siemens, Apple, Nestle, Scotiabank, Telus, Sony Pictures, Imageworks, and Walt Disney World.

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