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Rapidly Upskill with Executive Education

Offering world-class executive education programs aligned with the digital workplace, UBC Sauder School of Business Executive Education programs have gone 100% online.


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An eye on the future and in consideration of participants’ unconventional schedules, UBC Sauder’s Executive Education program has pivoted to offer 100% online instruction. 

Participants asked and UBC Sauder School of Business listened. Time-pressed professionals who want to upskill need to check out the school’s 100% online Executive Education programs. With a 100% online format, participants can learn at their own pace.

“We’ve been inspired by the hope and resiliency of our community and have adapted all of our programs to the virtual world in order to better serve the call for learning, connection and empowerment,” says Bruce Wiesner, Associate Dean of Executive Education. “Now is the time to re-connect, re-align and re-imagine the future.”

Three new courses have been developed for professionals looking to pivot and grow in the new reality.

“With the impact of COVID-19 on the business community, people are working on transitions,” Wiesner says. “They are looking at changes in their career path and developing the skills to exist in a digital environment.”

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Business professionals are looking for new, innovative ways to upskill and diversify.

Content Marketing Strategy: Delivering Value, Inspiring Action teaches acute skills on articulating an organization’s vision and developing a cohesive content marketing strategy that inspires action and drives brand value.

 Demystifying Digital Analytics is a non-technical, self-paced course delivering practical information about how data analytics provide an accurate, real-time picture of online and digital business initiatives. 

 Coaching Program for Leadership Performance is an intensive, one-on-one coaching program that helps learners improve their leadership mindset and capabilities.

 “These programs are an opportunity for our participants to get energized, be inspired and become re-engaged in their jobs and careers,” Wiesner says.

 All programming has been developed with important consideration for participants’ unconventional schedules. “People are working from home, in many cases with kids present, so we have to be more cognizant than ever to have flexible time schedules and to take into account peoples’ endurance for online learning,” Wiesner says. “That means offering learning in smaller pieces, extending courses over longer times and implementing frequent breaks.”

 UBC Sauder Executive Education uses an intuitive, user-friendly learning platform that promotes communication and optimizes collaboration between participants and their project teams.

 “From signing up to receiving their schedule to pre-reading course materials, participants have a concierge service from day one,” Wiesner says. “They create social connections and a virtual community with their team members and professor throughout the course and beyond.”

 Executive Education is also running complimentary webinars led by faculty and leading industry experts. The webinars will feature thought leadership on topics relevant to today’s business leaders.


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The ability to continuously innovate and adapt to change while keeping the focus on the participant is why UBC Sauder’s Executive Education program is ranked among the best in the world.

The ability to continuously innovate and adapt to change while keeping the focus on the participant is why UBC Sauder’s Executive Education program is ranked among the best in the world. The Financial Times Global Executive Education rankings for 2020 placed UBC Sauder’s Executive Education open enrollment program among the world’s best professional development programs, ranking it 14th in North America, and 23rd in the world for faculty diversity.

 “We are a business school that targets individual topics and approaches in creative ways, and we are a research-driven facility that stays ahead of the curve and ahead of the game and is always piloting new approaches,” Wiesner says.

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