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University Canada West’s MBA program is made for entrepreneurs

Striving for C-suite? Transforming your side hustle into a full-time gig? The MBA program at University Canada West was made for you.

Having a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is not a prerequisite to becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, it will give you an edge over your contemporaries as you gain the knowledge and skills to make critical business decisions and ensure your venture is a success.

First established in 2004, University Canada West’s (UCW) Master of Business Administration program has evolved over the years to become one of the largest MBA programs in the country—and it is tailor-made for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs and National Committee for Management Accreditation, UCW’s MBA program prepares students for success on any level—whether you’re aiming to land a seat at the table in the C-suite or want to turn a side-hustle into your full-time job.

UCW MBA students interested in pursuing a career as an entrepreneur can choose courses from the Entrepreneurship elective area, which has been specially designed with entrepreneurs in mind.

In the Entrepreneurship elective area, students are introduced to how entrepreneurship, creativity, sustainability and innovation interrelate to become the modus operandi in creating new business ideas.

Students learn key skills like developing a prototype, identifying product solution/product-market fit, user testing and how to create a minimum viable product, developing the capacity to reasonably assess a potential product and then pitch an idea to investors.

The Entrepreneurship elective area gives students the knowledge and skills to create and manage their own business venture—from opportunity recognition and idea generation to the development of a business. Students investigate the main challenges associated with the first steps of a startup and learn how to assess the opportunities, build and verify business hypotheses, define the right customer segments, conduct market research and plan the strategic development of a new business.

UCW has partnered with leading business and tech companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook and many others to incorporate the latest technology and expertise into the MBA program courses, ensuring students are up to date with the latest upcoming technological trends and learn the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in business now and in the future.

UCW’s MBA program is offered both on-campus and online, with flexible schedule options making it an ideal option for busy working professionals looking to take the next step in their careers or take the first step in making their small business dreams a reality.

The University recently introduced a new scholarship—the Industry Professionals Grant—which offers eligible applicants up to $8,500 towards the tuition cost of UCW’s MBA program. This grant is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are current members of a recognized Canadian professional association.

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