CICE offers $10 million to fuel clean tech innovation in B.C.

Applications for CICE's latest funding opportunity are open until August 1

The B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) is on fire: two months ago it announced a $3 million funding opportunity for wildfire management solutions in the province, and now it’s looking to invest another $10 million to support early-stage clean tech and climate innovators. 

Local companies that are trying to decarbonize different sectors using low carbon hydrogen could score up to $10 million from CICE. Those working to make battery technologies and energy storage more efficient and sustainable (and applying solutions in industrial and transportation settings) are also eligible for the funding opportunity, and so are businesses that are helping make cleaner types of fuels (like low carbon bio and synthetic fuels) more widely available. 

With $24 million invested in 36 groundbreaking clean energy and climate projects worth over $145 million, CICE is B.C.’s largest early-stage climate investor,” CICE president and CEO Sarah Goodman said in a release. 

In 2023, the nonprofit gave $5.2 million to nine local innovators on top of $500,000 to Vancouver-based next-gen battery producer Invinity Energy Systems.   

Applications for CICE’s $10 million funding opportunity are open from July 10 to August 1. Decisions will be made in early November. For more details, see here.