On Trend: These reusable bag makers have cause to celebrate Vancouver’s ban on plastic

From shopping bags to statement totes, these manufacturers have it all.

■ Custom Weave

Reusable bag manufacturer Me & You takes “two is better than one” seriously. So seriously that it’s woven into the brand ethos to inspire a collective push against plastic. Jenny Hughes launched the company in 2005, and the City of Vancouver caught on 17 years later with a ban on plastic bags. The South Granville outfit upcycles fabric to offer simple totes and produce bags starting at $10, which you can buy in bulk and customize as you like.

■ Tote-ally Reusable

From Big Poppa Totes to Mini Market Bags, thebag.ca embraces a minimalist boho-esque look in its line of bags for every occasion. Available online or via its bricks and mortar location in downtown Vancouver, thebag.ca is on a mission to “rethink plastic”—the company donates a portion of each purchase toward water restoration and uses recycled material for shipping boxes. Retail therapy sessions here will set you back $35-50 a piece.

■ Bags To-go

Anahita Shahrvini’s eco-friendly journey grew from simple initiatives in the kitchen to a local Christmas Craft Market debut in 2010. She started her handmade reusable bag business to provide cotton-lined, easy-to-clean alternatives to plastic. North Vancouver-based gogoBags range anywhere between $7 to $65 and specialize in kitchen products (for tea/salads/bread/produce) as well as on-the-go bags for snacks, straws and toothbrushes.