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Premier Event for Purpose-Driven Brand Innovation Comes to Vancouver June 4-7

Sustainable Brands Vancouver conference seeks to build brands that are better for consumers and their communities

Sustainable Brands Vancouver conference seeks to build brands that are better for consumers and their communities

It has been more than 10 years since KoAnn Skrzyniarz combined her business background with her love and concern for the environmental and social future. The goal? To reframe sustainability as the most significant innovation opportunity of the 21st century — rather than merely a risk or cost-saving play — and to help brands prosper by leveraging environmental and social innovation to build a flourishing future.

Sustainable Brands is the first name among sustainability conferences and online communities that reaches more than one million readers around the world, with major events across six continents. And the 2018 Flagship Sustainable Brands Conference will be held June 4 to 7 in Vancouver.

This global community of change-makers is working to tap environmental and social purpose as a driver of business growth and value. The aim is to shift the world as quickly as possible to sustainable models of commerce that respect the limitations of the natural systems, decouple business growth from negative environmental impacts, and respect and support the need to redesign societal aspirations away from consumption for consumption’s sake.

Sustainable Brands can bring together all the parts of the ecosystem required to bring an environmentally, socially respectful and resilient brand to market. This is accomplished by building a common language and a shared view of what’s possible so companies can begin to collaborate on envisioning, building and selling brands that are better for their customers, better for suppliers and better for the communities in which they operate — and better for their investors.

The entire business has been growing organically, driven by demand from people around the world to participate in the conversation that’s been ongoing since 2007.

For example. Natura, the top cosmetics brand in Brazil, is one company seeking to understand and behave in innovative and sustainable ways. Their commitment to sustainably sourced ingredients from the Brazilian rainforest, their efforts to support the economic empowerment of local indigenous peoples, as well as their commitment with the Sou brand reminds consumers that consuming what’s essential is a better path toward healthy living.

Some organizations and individuals would like to see the dismantling of global brands such as Coke or Starbucks or Walmart. But economic tragedy would result if the employment of all those people just ceased at those brands. Companies need to start looking at the range of material impacts they have on the environment and society as a function of their activities and then identify best practices for reducing negative impact. Sustainable Brands is focused on accelerating this transition.

Consumers are expecting more transparency, simplicity and meaning from brands. The Sustainable Brands conference presents an opportunity to increase both brand loyalty and profitability with more than 3,000 participants from 30 countries, hundreds of experts, speakers, sponsors and partners, plus 12 conference tracks. Register here.