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Checking the Pulse of the Market

BCBusiness + Mackie Research Capital Corporation Mackie Research Capital Corporation is one of Canada's largest independent pool of financial advisors, investment bankers, institutional sales representatives and research analysts.


BCBusiness + Mackie Research Capital Corporation

Credit: Image courtesy Victoria Hartleb of Mackie Research Capital Corporation

Payton Sean Nyquvest, Vice-president, Head of Sales for Mackie Research Capital Corporation’s Vancouver Private Client Division


Amid a changing financial landscape it helps to be responsive, nimble — and know how to build relationships

It’s no secret that young talent is an indispensable element of the business sector, not just for the energy these individuals exhibit, but also their propensity to take advantage of opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked or dismissed.

This is true in general of the investment sector and specifically the Vancouver branch of Mackie Research Capital Corporation (MRCC), one of Canada’s largest independent pool of financial advisors, investment bankers, institutional sales representatives and research analysts — all of whom help individual clients and companies achieve their financial goals.

Payton Sean Nyquvest, Vice-president and Head of Sales for MRCC’s Vancouver Private Client Division, says, “The makeup of our company is such that we’ve avoided the negative stigmatism in brokerage circles about the older guard being overly conservative in their planning. Younger talents operating within an independent company have a firm finger on the pulse of what’s topical on the market and are more inclined to pursue related opportunities.”

In the investment field, this has enabled MRCC — and by extension its clients — to achieve notable successes. “We helped many of the first wave of Canadian medical marijuana growers to go public about four years ago, and we have continued to be very active helping companies in this regard,” says Nyquvest.

MRCC is also on the forefront of exploiting opportunities in the Bitcoin realm. “The blockchain technology invented for the Bitcoin sector is being applied to other sectors due to its real-time payment components, and this is something we regard as having enormous untapped potential,” says Nyquvest.

But MRCC — which has been operating since the early 1920s and whose current corporate structure is the outcome of decades of strategic mergers and acquisitions — is not informed solely by youth and independence: intensive equity research is a company hallmark and enables its analysts (who cover more than 100 growth companies in sectors ranging from mining to media) to support their initiatives with facts, rather than hunches.

Another fundamental strength is MRCC’s national footprint: it provides operational bench-strength that gives private clients a unique advantage, as well as access to a national portfolio and advisory wealth business with a solid reputation and presence — but one that can move nimbly and proactively in changing financial terrain.

MRCC’s comprehensive knowledge of growth companies, strong valuation capabilities, and powerful research and marketing expertise serve to facilitate trust between clients and the company’s talent pool. “Trust is fundamental to our operations,”Hsays Nyquvest. “At a time when traditional institutions such as banks are moving away from relationships, we foster them because it’s the only way to deliver genuine, tailored services.”

Looking ahead, MRCC is monitoring emerging investment opportunities. “We’re seeing a resurgence in resource companies that have been quiet for a long time due to investors who have been successful in the ‘risk’ fields of medical marijuana and cryptocurrency,” says Nyquvest. “In B.C., exploration activity in the Golden Triangle region of the province is especially exciting.

“But those are just a few areas of interest for us. There are many more being researched across Canada in our ongoing effort to create the best solutions for clients.” 

Created by BCBusiness in partnership with Mackie Research Capital Corporation