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From the Brink and Back Again


BCBusiness Knightsbridge Capital Partners Inc.

Maynbridge Capital’s asset-based lending can save businesses from bankruptcy

When it comes to debt financing in Canada, business owners traditionally have had two options: approach a conventional bank or a private lender. If they’re facing difficult circumstances or are on the verge of collapse, however, they often find themselves stuck.

They may not qualify for lending from a bank, while a private lender’s high interest rates could push the business into bankruptcy. Owners may feel there’s nowhere to turn.

Maynbridge Capital Inc., a member of Knightsbridge Capital Partners Inc., fills that gap and quickly has become the leading private asset-based lender.

Maynbridge’s founder, Dean Shillington, a business management graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and former GE Capital risk manager, is well suited for atypical financial circumstances. His unique experience in credit, risk, and business development lends itself to the specialized turnaround business strategies needed by his clients.

Shillington is able to see past the numbers on the page.

“Risk of foreclosure is the most significant stress of all to business owners and their families,” Shillington says. “As a debt lender, we are saving businesses from bankruptcy. We’re able to give these companies a working-capital injection, breathing room in their debt structure, and a runway to fix the problems in their business so they can become strong again.

“Being from Saskatchewan, I’m preprogramed to cheer for the underdog, and that element is carried through in everything I do,” he adds. “When it comes to startups and turnarounds, I’m a big fan of businesses that don’t deserve to be in the situation they’re in.”
Maynbridge works with businesses of all kinds across Canada, in projects ranging from $2 million to $50 million. Many are family businesses with committed management and a team that’s willing to work to achieve a successful turnaround and recovery.

“You need to see the wood through the trees,” says Shillington, whose entrepreneurial spirit and affinity for new challenges are responsible for his recent acquisition of interests in Vancouver’s Caffè Artigiano and the newly formed CPL’s BC soccer team, Pacific FC. Working with community volunteer organizations, such as Little League Baseball in North Vancouver, further fulfills his seemingly insatiable appetite for improving organizations. “You need to prioritize your challenges and take them on one at a time. That’s the critical piece.”

Maynbridge’s track record speaks for itself. Having launched in 2013, it has helped dozens of once-struggling companies. Businesses that align with Maynbridge’s and Shillington’s own values find further favour. “Increasingly, younger generations want to participate in a circular and socially responsible business economy and we’re cognizant of that, Shillington says. “Many Canadian businesses are starting to recognize this but need to adapt quickly or their overall success will be limited.

“For the past six years, Maynbridge has been a game changer,” he says. “We think like entrepreneurs and business owners, and we help give businesses the tools they need to turn around: from the brink and back again.” 

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