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Help for Canadian Small and Medium Enterprises

SME Institute from Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a critical, one-of-its kind solution to the challenges small to medium enterprises face.


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Credit: Canadian Chamber of Commerce

SME Institute from Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a critical, one-of-its kind solution to the challenges small to medium enterprises face.

Small to medium business enterprises (SME) are essential to the Canadian economy. They represent the majority of Canadian enterprises and are a major source of employment. But in the current economic environment, they need help to truly thrive.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has launched the SME Institute, a first of its kind, one-stop service that provides training, networking, counselling and other supports SMEs need to tackle contemporary economic and business challenges.

“SMEs can rely on the Institute for a community of partners, mentors, and peers who are committed to the collective success of SMEs and helping them navigate their greatest challenges,” says Priya Pandey, executive director of the SME Institute.

The SME Institute—a key part of Chamber 2025, the Canadian Chamber’s expansion plan—also has a comprehensive library of resources to help businesses recruit, retain and train talent, find and attract investors, use technology to grow their business, and boost their business performance through diversity and sustainability.

The SME Institute benefits from the Canadian Chamber’s public policy advocacy and its Business Data Lab’s insight to the economy, helping SMEs prepare for a rapidly evolving future.

“We’ve carefully crafted training programs that are instructor-led, live and customized for SMEs based on their size and industry,” Pandey says. “We’ve leveraged the Canadian Chamber’s vast network to bring together a community of likeminded individuals—a group of business leaders focused on growing their businesses together, learning from the experts, and creating the long-lasting connections that promote best practices while capitalizing on the tools and resources the Institute offers.”

The Canadian business terrain is shifting, marked by acute challenges related to talent shortages, the rising costs of doing business and inflationary pressures. “Securing finances is another top challenge,” Pandey says. “There are various ways of overcoming this challenge, but a fair understanding of how to access and secure financing is critical.

“Another common challenge is attracting new customers using creative marketing strategies that leverage AI and technology to streamline processes and increase efficiency and productivity.”

The Canadian economy may be facing a difficult year ahead, with hints of a recession, and SMEs stand to experience deep impacts.

“The SME Institute will help these businesses remain competitive and sustainable, tap into new innovations and serve as the backbone of communities across the country,” Pandey says. “Sometimes problems are solved in one industry and go unshared when we work in silos. Our goal through the SME Institute is to break down these silos.”

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