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Jewish Community Foundation Connects Locally and World-wide

A collaborative, personalized approach enables fund holders to make the greatest impact with their philanthropy.


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A collaborative, personalized approach enables fund holders to make the greatest impact with their philanthropy.

The Jewish Community Foundation provides a personalized, hands-on approach, fuelled by specialized, communal knowledge and experience. The team at the Foundation works closely with community members and fund holders to match their interests with community needs.

“Our intimate knowledge of the Jewish community and our expertise enable us to assist fund holders with their philanthropy within and outside of our community,” says Marcie Flom, executive director of the Jewish Community Foundation.

“Most recently, the Foundation and Jewish Federation undertook a collaborative community planning process, which resulted in the identification of key community priorities like food security and mental health support for adults and youth,” Flom says. “This critical information informs our conversations with fund holders.”

Matching Donors with Issues 

marcie-flomThe Foundation participated on Jewish Federation’s Community Recovery Task Force during the pandemic, which consulted with charitable organizations in the Jewish community to understand the changing landscape and emerging financial needs. Experts in the field were also consulted to better understand the impacts of the pandemic on the charitable sector. “With this knowledge, the Foundation was able to guide fund holders to address critical community issues through distributions from their funds,” Flom says.

The Foundation’s reach is broad and robust, working with individuals in the local Jewish community, nationally, and in Israel. This mandate enables the Foundation to best serve fund holders who have broad charitable interests beyond the local community. “We have staff positioned on the ground who monitor our international projects and programs,” Flom says. “We do site visits and meet directly with NGOs and service providers. This gives us unique knowledge and ensures due diligence for our donors.”

With a range of fund options, sound asset management and customized services, the Jewish Community Foundation works to ensure the long-term financial stability of the Jewish community by providing opportunities to build community resources now and to create meaningful legacies for the future. 

Moving forward, the Foundation is upgrading its systems to provide fund holders with direct access to their fund information and is launching an online platform for grant-making.

Learn more about the Jewish Community Foundation at | | or contact Marcie Flom, Executive Director at 604.257.5100.


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