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Personal sovereignty, finance, and the way forward: VRIC May 17 & 18


BCBusiness Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

Credit: Cambridge House International 

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is taking place May 17 & 18, 2022. It is time to pay attention, think critically and protect your future.

If you’re a savvy investor with a diverse portfolio and a keen eye for macroeconomics, you’ll want a seat at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference May 17 & 18, 2022. Maybe your crypto investments are healthy and now you’re hungry to learn about traditional opportunities. Or you could just be a forward-thinking individual, curious about the future and keen for an evidence-based forecast from the world’s brightest minds in leadership, investment and economic resilience.

virc-3Jay Martin, investor and CEO of Cambridge House and the VIRC’s host | Photo courtesy of Cambridge House International“Since March 2020, we have learned that money and sovereignty are being redefined, and it is time to pay attention, think critically and protect our future,” says Jay Martin, investor and CEO of Cambridge House and the VIRC’s host. “The world will never be the same again, this much we can agree, but it’s time to find out how we can move forward with the confidence and tenacity to succeed.” 

VIRC is more than a conference. It is a master class and a chance to sit with former world leaders, world recognized economists, and legendary investors to understand their plans for orchestrating their lives. Keynotes include 22nd Prime Minister of Canada Right Honorable Stephen Harper, former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon, and Danielle Martino Booth, CEO of Quill Intelligence. Find the answers to all your questions about how to maximize your opportunities to succeed in the post-covid world.

virc-422nd Prime Minister of Canada Right Honorable Stephen Harper | Photo courtesy of Cambridge House International“We are all sitting in the same situation and experiencing the same problem,” Martin says.  “Let’s ask people who have been there before the big questions, starting with, ‘What is the best path forward?’”

Martin will host the main hall events, which will include macro discussions with headline guests, fireside chats, debates and discussions asking the most important questions.

For instance, what is the future of censorship? “I run a media platform and get demonized if I ask questions that challenge the agreed upon narrative,” Martin says. “I am active on YouTube and Twitter, and it isn’t unusual to see accounts disappear when certain topics arise. Since when is talking so dangerous? Along with that, what happened to civil discourse and tolerant debate?”

An important case study exists in the United States and in the unique circumstances in which it is navigating risk management between jurisdictions. “In the US, you can go between states and feel like you are in a different country,” Martin says. “Because of the way each state manages risk differently, we are seeing people gravitate toward locations that resonate with their core values. In investment, we think about safe haven asset classes; what about safe haven geographic regions? How will this change society?”

virc-5Former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon | Photo courtesy of Cambridge House InternationalFinally, in a world where prices are inflated across the board, VIRC will be the place to explore questions around the best home for capital. “Investors need things with room to move up,” Martin says. “What can you buy when everything is already inflated? That is a big challenge for Gen Z because the playbook is broken. For those looking to build wealth, this is harder terrain to navigate and in which to find value.”

Throughout the day, there will be opportunities for a more granular look at investment opportunities during side sessions and workshops covering market analysis, stock picks, and one-on-one chats with companies looking to raise funds.

“Enterprises raising capital for great ideas will populate the tradeshow,” Martin says. “There will be opportunities for face-to-face conversations with 225 vendors promising that if you give them your money, they will give you 10x return. That is what this conference does—it brings people together for those important conversations.”

Martin is host of The Jay Martin Show, a YouTube, podcast and newsletter production that dissects the minds of thought-leaders from around the world with expertise in money management, geopolitics, macro finance, technology and other emerging trends. He attributes his success—a following of more than 300,000 subscribers—to his tenacity in having conversations with people that are often out of reach, but that have broad scope of relevance.

“I have three kids and run a small business, and I am just trying to craft the way forward like everyone else,” he says. “Like most people who want their money to work outside of their salary, I am interested in risk tolerance, investment capital, and the best path forward. I look for that from world leaders who have led their countries through the most difficult times, and that adds a layer of depth and perspective to the conversation that you can’t get anywhere else.”

VIRC will bring timely and fresh perspective to the ways the value of money has been redefined since early in 2020, the difference between racing toward the lucrative and fleeing from something people no longer have faith in, and the way the world’s jurisdictions are collectively engaged in risk management, but with as many perspectives as there are countries.

“This is a massive transition affecting all facets of our lives,” Martin says. “You only get one chance to live this scene out, so we better suit up with knowledge and perspective.”

VIRC is the chance to come out and learn from people who have been there, gather their experiences and perspectives, and garner a well-researched estimate about what will come next.

“No one knows what will happen next, but you are the author,” Martin says. “Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Anybody curious about the future should come to VIRC. It is time to take control, and this is the place to equip yourself to do so.”

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