2012 Best Companies’ Personas

Figure Skater

Wow-1Day! Painting Inc.
“We enjoy wearing flamboyantly orange outfits that really dazzle our clients and we work as a team to paint houses in one day just like Russian and Canadian ice dancers work as a team to complete triple Sal

Hockey Player

Daniel Hospitality Group
“Our company would be a hockey player because we’ve got gritand speed and if we take a puck to the face, we get stitched upand we’re right back out there for the next shift.”

Global R

Long-Distance Runner

HootSuite Media Inc.
“We work hard, we’re lean, tough and ready to endure. It would need to be a long-distance runner wearing neon sweatbands and an owl costume to accurately reflect the company, though.”


Mountain Biker

Steer Davies Gleave North America Inc.
“We’re able to quickly respond to changing environments – an unexpected treacherous hill for us is an unexpected change in market demand or shifting funding sources. We have the


Tasktop Technologies Inc.
“We have ridden the waves of partnering with the biggest vendors in the industry, followed by even more massive waves of deploying new product to top-10 banks. While it takes a tremendous amount of work and focu


This year’s winning companies can really go the distance, hit it out of the park and raise the bar. But what type of athlete does each company embody? We asked employees and here’s a sampling of what they said.

Styling: Steven Schelling; Models: Representatives from our Best Companies to Work For in B.C. winning employers.

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