23 Nov. 2011 | Waive Your Parking Tickets, Groupon Shares Plummet, and Cyber Monday

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Pay Off Your Parking Tickets for Free

Imperial Parking Canada Corporation (“Impark”) announced it is offering a one-day, 4 hour event during which anyone in Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna or Prince George who has an unpaid Impark parking violation notice can have it waived by making a toy donation to The Salvation Army.

On Thursday, November 24th, Impark will be accepting new, unused and unwrapped toys, and in exchange, the donor’s unpaid parking violation notice will be waived.

Source: Impark


Groupon Shares Continue to Plummet

Groupon stock continued its plunge Wednesday, trading in the $17 range, well below the company’s $20 IPO price. It’s the third consecutive day the stock has plummeted; shares fell 10% Monday and nearly 15% Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon shares were trading for $16.99.

While it’s difficult to define shareholder intention — many short sellers have accelerated the plunge by betting on the stock to continue sliding — public perception of the daily deals site has made a clear negative shift.

Source: Mashable


Cyber Monday: Canadians Eye Post-Black-Friday Deals

For the most dedicated of deal hunters, Black Friday is hands down the biggest shopping day of the year and will mean trekking to the U.S. to fight massive crowds, waiting for hours in long lines and — hopefully — scoring some major bargains.

Canadian retailers have increasingly bought into the Black Friday hype — as well as Cyber Monday, a day of online sales to cap off the shopping weekend — and this year, few of the major names are opting out.

Source: The Globe and Mail


Occupy Vancouver Protesters Seek Third Settlement Site

Occupy Vancouver shifted its rolling protest Tuesday from downtown Vancouver to a city-owned park on Commercial Drive in east Vancouver.

But the protesters’ stay at Grandview Park didn’t last long. Discouraged by park officials and police from setting up camp there, they decided late Tuesday to disband for the night and meet back at the park at noon today. Their venture into Commercial Drive, a neighbourhood with a long history of left-wing activism, came a few hours after the B.C. Supreme Court granted an injunction against an Occupy encampment erected Monday at the Robson Square law courts.

Source: Vancouver Sun

Google+ Notifications Still Need Work

If you’re an avid user of Google+, you’ve probably noticed that the tool bar that follows you around when using Google sites says “9+” in the top right sometimes, if you’re logged in. That means that you have more than 9 notifications.

Today, Google+ has removed the 9+, and replaced it with the actual number of notifications that you have on the service. However, notifications on Google+ still suck. Bad.

Source: The Next Web