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5 Reasons to Discover Simply Beautiful This Season

Celebrate style this season with the award-winning Simply Beautiful


BCBusiness Simply Beautiful

Celebrate style this season with the award-winning Simply Beautiful

Curated by the editorial team at BCLiving, Simply Beautiful has become not just the single most popular subscription box in Canada, but also a two-time award winner in the annual Canadian Subscription Box Awards, hosted by A Year of Boxes. In August, Simply Beautiful was heralded as the Best Overall Subscription Box in the country for 2020, following on the heels of a 2019 win for Best Women’s Lifestyle Box.

Check out all of the reasons this #editorsbox is tops, and find out how to become part of the family now…


1. The latest and greatest

As a part of daily editorial prep and planning, editors for BCLiving test, literally, thousands of products each year. From personal grooming to cosmetics to home decor, the samples arrive on a regular basis. Who better then to recommend the cream of the crop? With hours of poking, prodding and applying a keen (and sometimes skeptical!) eye, the team continues to strive to find the latest and greatest. A focus on innovation and modernity as well—naturally—style is paramount.


2. Cash is king

The full retail value of Simply Beautiful collections are often astounding. In summer 2020, eight special items amassed a retail total of $280 CDN. For a seasonal price tag of $98, it represents a fantastic opportunity to experience new brands without the financial risk. Trusted experts recommend finds they stand behind, and your pocketbook benefits.

As an added bonus, Simply Beautiful subscribers are also privy to seasonal add-onssometimes at up to 75 percent off the retail price. “Make It Yours” customization offers abound, and exclusive coupon codes are also a hugeand repeatbenefit when subscribing to Simply Beautiful.


3. The best of the nation

Supporting local has become more important than ever. While editors are always looking for fantastic finds from far and wide, the majority of Simply Beautiful picks are either designed or manufactured exclusively in Canada.

From award-winning beauty brands like Huna Skin to innovative homegrown collectives like Evio, a clear emphasis on Canuck talent shines through in each collection. The light has been brightly beaming most recently on summer selections from glacial clay experts Nena Skincare, natural deodorant purveyors I Luv It, Vancouver-based makeup enthusiasts Evalina Beauty and more!

Check out the exact items inside the summer 2020 collection here.


4. Taking top honours

As a respected online voice for subscription box fans and devotees across North America, Kelowna-based A Year of Boxes boasts a dedicated base of followers well-versed in subscription services on both sides of the 49th parallel. For the second year in a row, users voted during a two-week period to select favourites in over two dozen categoriesand Simply Beautiful came out on top. Voted Best Women’s Lifestyle Box in 2019, Simply Beautiful notched up one and claimed the Best Overall Box honour in August 2020. The men’s version of the box, Extraordinary Man, also took home the award for best men’s box.


5. Reflecting shared values

The laid-back nature of Canada’s West Coast has undoubtedly influenced the region’s dedication to sustainable and ethical purchasing decisions. Simply Beautiful curators keep this in mind with their selections each season. Not just for subscribers, but because they want products to represent shared values and ethics.

From cruelty-free cosmetics from Scentuals to charitable styling products from AG Hair to stylish vegan leather accessories from Lark & Ives, the products in Simply Beautiful reflect what British Columbians, Canadians and the editorial team hold dear.



Created by BCBusiness in partnership with Simply Beautiful