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ABC Recycling Ltd.

Beyond giving back to the environment, ABC Recycling works tirelessly to support the needs of BC Women’s critically ill newborns

ABC Recycling Ltd., a British Columbia-based company that recycles scrap metal, has just launched its Donor of Hope program.
“Donate your scrap metal in support of BC Women’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit and receive a tax receipt in return,” says manager of business development and procurement sales Randy Kahlon.
Each year approximately 1,400 critically ill newborns are admitted to the hospital, where they receive the advanced medical care they need.
“The 60-bed unit is the most advanced and specialized newborn critical care facility in B.C.,” Kahlon says. “But leading-edge care requires leading-edge equipment. To continue to provide the best care, the unit needs state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Your help and generosity can make that happen.”
The Donor of Hope program is being coordinated by Karen Bichin, ABC Recycling’s community relations manager.
Bichin works with non-profit organizations on staff volunteer events. She also organizes school tours of the company’s facilities, to show its positive effect on the environment.
ABC Recycling has nine branches in western Canada: Burnaby (head office), Campbell River, Kelowna, Surrey, Prince George, Terrace, Nanaimo, Fort St. John (all in B.C.), and Grande Prairie, Alberta.
The company buys household, industrial and demolition scrap that might otherwise end up in landfills, and processes and packages the material in its yards.
ABC Recycling diverts up to 25,000 tons per month of scrap metal from municipal landfills.
“Our customers can generate a secondary revenue source for themselves by earning a return on their scrap metal,” Kahlon says.
ABC Recycling handles many types of scrap metals: Demolition and industrial scrap, end-of-life vehicles of all sizes and heavy equipment. It also deals in aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium and other alloys.

“Once the scrap metal is processed, it is shipped to customers in the United States and overseas, where it is recycled into new products,” explains Kahlon.