Arrive Dry at the Office

Illustration: Colin Hayes

How to get from home to the office during the rainy season

Transit Rider
1. The protected space under a bus stop or awning is highly coveted real estate. A Darwinian attitude should be employed when protecting your spot.
 2. Once inside the bus or SkyTrain, unapologetically occupy two seats: this will ensure limited contact with the wet garments and umbrellas of your fellow transit-goers.

1. Fashion is not a priority (we saw your biker shorts this summer). Don a rainsuit for optimum protection.
2. Eschew muddy bike paths and ride only on pedestrian sidewalks, where spray-back is kept to a minimum.

1. Do not let your own comfort be jeopardized because Sally from accounting forgot her umbrella at home. Sharing is for the weak.
2. Avoid the curb at all costs. When small lakes start forming at the edge of the road, sadistic drivers cannot
be trusted.