At Your Service

It’s the biggest event in B.C. history.

Bob Washington, 75
YVR Green Coat volunteer
Been in the job: Four years.
The best thing about it: Meeting people from all over the world and all walks of life.
My hope for the Olympics: That all goes off as planned. We’ve had a fair bit of trai

Sheila Walker, 60
Mountain Host, Whistler
Been in the job for: One year.
Best thing about it: Helping tourists, the camaraderie and our excellent supervisors.
Your hope for the Olympics: That the world gets to see what our beautiful town has to offer

Peter Rindje, 49
V&J Plant Shop Ltd. OwnerGranville Island
Been in the job for: 30 years.
Best thing about it: The great crowds. Most of the people who come in here are happy.
Your hope for the Olympics: A fun and active event. For the amount of

Neil Ingram, 43
Co-owner and sommelier at Boneta Restaurant, Gastown
Been in the job for: 2½ years
Best thing about it: Everything:I love my customers, my food and my wine
Your hope for the Olympics: A lovely and logistically well-run two week

Beau (left) and Mavis, 5 and 8 ½, respectively
Official Greeters at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Been in the job for: Three and seven years, respectively
Best thing about it: Beau: the fun guests; Mavis: the awesome treats
Your hope for the Olympi

It’s the biggest event in B.C. history.

The world’s eyes are upon us, watching to see if there’s dust on the mantel, whether the hors d’oeuvres are fresh or frozen and whether we hold up as decent conversationalists. So who do you want greeting the tens of thousands of expected visitors? We canvassed BCBusiness readers and an informal selection of experts to find five individuals who represent the best of B.C.’s hospitality trade. In the pages that follow, we offer portraits of these men, women – and even dogs – who are serving valiantly on the front lines of the 21st Winter Olympiad.