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Backing Cannabis’ Anecdotal Evidence With Science

Dr. John Maynard, Medipure’s Medical Director, brings 43 years of clinical medical experience to the company.

Why Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the company to watch

There is no shortage of anecdotal claims from individuals that cannabis lessens a variety of their medical conditions or symptoms, such as anxiety, insomnia and pain.

That’s where Medipure Pharmaceuticals Inc. comes in. 

“We want to develop novel, safe and effective molecules, and formulate them into medical products that will be effective in the treatment of a vast variety of health conditions,” says Dr. John Maynard, Medipure’s Medical Director who brings 43 years of clinical medical experience to the company. 

“One of the things that attracted me to Medipure is that we want to be advocates for our patients,” he says.   

Medipure Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing scientifically proven, safe and effective cannabinoid-based alternatives to the current arsenal of prescription drugs. Their core products target specific aspects of treatment, including pain management, mood disorders/anxiety, nausea, appetite stimulation, arthritis and dermatology.

“There is a lot of concern and discomfort in the medical community with the current environment of medical cannabis and dispensaries,” says Dr. Maynard. 

Cannabinoids are the active ingredients of cannabis. They have shown high therapeutic value; however, the underlying molecular mechanism has to be thoroughly understood.  The scientists and researchers at Medipure aren’t studying marijuana that’s inhaled or ingested. Instead, they’re looking at the specific therapeutic potential and the molecular mechanisms of individual endocannabinoid regulators to learn where they can be most effective. 

“It is the science and the research on the endocannabinoid system at the molecular level that separates Medipure from other companies involved with cannabis. Medipure will be successful because it will address the scientific need required to make legitimate, non-addictive affordable drugs for doctors, patients, and other health-care communities,” says Dr. Nihar R. Pandey, who as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) brings 20 years of R&D experience to the company. He added that Medipure would like to provide doctors with scientific data so they are confident enough to write those prescriptions. 

For an investor, that’s appealing because if Medipure can work with—or be an alternative to—current medications that are addictive or have concerning side effects, such as those for anxiety, depression, insomnia, skin disorders, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, then the market potential is huge.

“Plus, I think it’s the right company because of its leadership,” adds Dr. Maynard, referring to Medipure’s Chief Executive Officer Boris Weiss, who has played an instrumental role in the development and roll-out of a number of integral biomedical and biotech ventures.

“It’s the right company because of the credible researchers and scientists who are committed to doing that work. It’s the right company because of the researchers’ relationships with other scientists throughout the country and the globe. And it’s the right time to try to take the confusion out of this very complex industry, and put science behind it.”

With its bench-to-bedside R&D approach, Medipure is committed to providing safe, effective and affordable prescriptions for patients; the testing is rigorous, but it is also worthwhile. 

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