B.C. employees are more engaged than their Canadian counterparts

Using data from surveys such as this, Ipsos also creates something called the Engagement Index (factoring in everything from compensation and benefits to “pride in work”) that gives a sense of our commitment to our jobs

According to our survey—with 100 representing the score of an “averagely” engaged employee—B.C. employees rank at 105; outside B.C., the Canadian number is 92. The numbers go even higher for younger British Columbians, with a score of 110 for workers under 35 years of age.

According to Rock Lefebvre, chief regulatory officer for the Human Resources Management Association, engagement is a critical factor to business success these days. “In the old days, we were making widgets; today it’s a knowledge-based economy, and to untap the full potential of the knowledge industry, you have to have employees who not only do their job but are also engaged. In the absence of engagement, you can never optimize the bottom line—and in business, the goal is to optimize the bottom line.”