BCB Report Card: Shopify, SkyTrain and the most tired person in B.C.

We assess how different people/things and, of course, businesses fared this week.

Credit: Kennedy Stewart on Twitter

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart is hell-bent on getting the Broadway SkyTrain to go all the way to UBC 

We assess how different people/things and, of course, businesses fared this week

As we say goodbye to the first month of 2020 (“Wow, that sure went fast,” says Steve, your co-worker), it’s clear that as much as some things change, others stay exactly the same.

For example, this week saw protesters outside David Eby’s office, the mayor of Vancouver griping about a SkyTrain to UBC and Surrey continuing to defy the rest of the province.

So yeah, sorry to those who were hoping for a “new start” in 2020. You might have to wait a bit longer.

Here’s what made the grade (and what didn’t) this week.


Grade: A

It’s going to be really annoying when Shopify comes to Vancouver (with its rumoured 1,000 employees) and constantly belittles people in winter because “Oh, you think it’s cold here, buddy? Ever been to Ottawa?”

In all seriousness, this was great news for the city, and we definitely have the housing vacancies for all these people.


Grade: A–

As anyone who’s been to Evolve on Broadway in Vancouver can attest, virtual reality freaking rocks. So expect one of the bigger names in VR entertainment, Zero Latency VR, to make a big splash when it makes its Western Canadian debut at Kingsgate Mall (it’s not dead, folks!) in February. 

In a press release that sure seems like it’s throwing shade, Zero Latency insists that
“whereas some VR experiences involve a lag between human action and computer response, Zero Latency—as the name suggests—removes that barrier.” A lot to live up to, literally and virtually.


Grade: B

The Broadway extension of SkyTrain should obviously go all the way to UBC. As it stands, the line is approved to go down Broadway to Arbutus Street. But it’s slated to end there. Of course, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart has been vocal about getting it extended to the university—he recently partnered with MST Development Corp. and UBC president Santa Ono in a bid to make that happen. And that makes sense.

We’re not sure if you’ve been around Point Grey lately, but that place makes the gold rush towns of the mid-1800s seem like bustling metropolises. Yes, SkyTrain needs to go to UBC, and while it certainly will mean another hefty contribution from the provincial and federal governments, it simply has to happen.

David Eby

Grade: C

The guy just cannot catch a break, hey? When it’s not angry boomers screaming about “his” tax, it’s climate activists angry with Eby’s NDP government for giving a green light to fossil fuel projects that are increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

At this point, it’s only a matter of which star candidate the BC Liberals are going to parachute into Vancouver Point Grey next election. You just know they’ve talked about it already. Unfortunately, Christy Clark probably won’t be available for a blood feud.

The attorney general has to be absolutely bagged at this point. We feel you, pal.

People who make jokes about Coronas and the current virus

Grade: F

Stop doing that.