BCBusiness Facebook Caption Contest

The BCBusiness Facebook Caption Contest has three rules.

1) You must have a Facebook account and “like” BCBusiness (see below).
2) You must leave your caption as a Facebook comment.
3) Your caption must be 15 words or fewer.



XV: “____________.”

Check out the October 2012 issue of BCBusiness to see whose caption won the title.

XIV: “Lobbyist mat exercise: Extortion contortion, or, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

Congrats to John Grasty, winner of the September 2012 caption contest.

XIII: “Miss Congeniality gives the winner a soothing neck rub.”

Congrats to Casey Edge, winner of the August 2012 caption contest.

XII: “Am I supposed to be flying that? Oh well, cheers to autopilot!”

Congrats to Davinia Yip, winner of the July 2012 caption contest.

XI: “Finance department? OK, tell me again, which is mightier?”

Congrats to Brad Sherwin, winner of the June 2012 caption contest.

X: “Tonight we’re going to party, paid for by the 99 per cent.”

Congrats to Andrew Fleming, winner of the May 2012 caption contest.

IX: “Mmm, the future Canada Pension Plan, all wrapped up and ready to spend.”

Congrats to Kathleen Kuryliw, winner of the April 2012 caption contest.

VIII: “The latest trend in Vancouver mortgage-helpers: The Rodent Suite.”

Congrats to Lorne Craig, winner of the March 2012 caption contest.

VII: “And the latest business forecast calls for a . . . depression?! Oops, that’s the weather report.”

Congrats to Bobbie Nast, winner of the February 2012 caption contest.

VI: “Always safer to post your comments about a restaurant after you leave.”

Congrats to Nick Jones, the first caption contest winner of 2012.

V: “I guess the reverse psychology approach didn’t work.”

Congrats to our December 2011 witty reader and caption writer, Jon Shanahan.

BCBusiness Facebook Caption Contest IV
IV: “You forgot to pay your death tax. I’m here to collect.” – Canada Revenue Agency Agent

Congrats to our November 2011 winner, Blake Powell, on his winning caption.

September 2011 BCBusiness Facebook Caption Contest Winner
III: “Tim Cook trying to play catch-up.”

Congrats to John MacDonald, winner of the October 2011 caption contest.

July 2011 BCBusiness Facebook Caption Contest Winner
II: “When Scott’s accountants said they had something to discuss and would be right over, it wasn’t until they showed up that he knew something was wrong.”

Congrats to Bill Dunbar, winner of the September 2011 caption contest.

June 2011 BCBusiness Facebook Caption Contest
I: “A standard condo in downtown Vancouver… look at the convenience!”

Congrats to Marko Vicic, our first-ever BCBusiness caption contest winner.