BCBusiness Report Card: Calling out the cabinet and transit gets real

We assess how different people/things and, of course, businesses fared this week.

Jonathan Wilkinson gets sworn into Cabinet

We assess how different people/things and, of course, businesses fared this week

There are few things we enjoy more in this world than an ironclad, bulletproof excuse.

So the imminent transit shutdown facing commuters (all transit services will halt on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Vancouver, pending a resolution to the strike) presents an opportunity.

Work, school and other obligations? You’re good. No need to worry about that at all; just heap the blame on the transit system. You see, your car is in the shop, so you’re out of luck, as much as you really want to get to work.

(Thank God our bosses don’t read this.)

Here’s what else made the grade (and what didn’t) this week.


Grade: A

Not all Vancouver tech companies are enjoying tons of success right now (who could we possibly be referring to??), but there are still a few shining examples that the city’s sector can hang its hat on (oh, and it will).

Trulioo continues to be one of those, as the online identification verification service keeps growing. This week the company promoted Zac Cohen, who was serving as general manager, to chief operating officer to help handle expansion that has seen it triple its head count in the past five years. Trulioo now employs more than 140 people across its three offices (Vancouver, San Francisco and Dublin).

B.C.’s energy efficiency

Grade: B+

It wasn’t all bad news for the province this week, as B.C. ranked No. 1 in Canada’s first-ever Provincial Energy Efficiency Scorecard, commissioned by Carleton University–based advocacy organization Efficiency Canada.

The study took into consideration things like energy-efficiency programs, buildings and transportation.

Of course, it’s another chance to poke fun at Alberta (ranked sixth) and Saskatchewan (ninth). Quebec and Ontario, respectively, round out the top three.

But it also needs to be noted that B.C. only scored 60 out of a possible 100. Not great for first in the country.

B.C.’s cabinet selections

Grade: B

Ho-hum. Sure, North Vancouver’s Jonathan Wilkinson gets a hefty bump up from the fisheries file to overseeing all of the environment, but other than that, Justin Trudeau’s cabinet appointments didn’t bring a whole lot of excitement to our province.

Those looking for some real fun in B.C., like Elizabeth May getting Wilkinson’s assignment or Jagmeet Singh grabbing a major post, were left disappointed. Why can’t we have nice things, Mr. Trudeau? (Asking for a country.)


Grade: C

It might be a rough couple of months in the province, as British Columbians were warned to prepare for slick road conditions, freezing temperatures and power outages this winter.

It’s a good thing all our major cities are very well equipped for snow and the like.


Grade: C–

We’re getting close to the brink of disaster here.

And yes, the union has seemingly been somewhat unreasonable. But this provincial government can’t afford to get into a brawl with a union, and all jokes aside, it’s crippling for the number of BCers who depend on transit daily.

Hopefully the sides can come together, because it’s time to get worried.

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