Bow Ties with a Touch of Whimsy

For a playful neck-knotter that's work appropriate, invest in a quirky bow tie. 

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For a playful neck-knotter that’s work appropriate, invest in a quirky bow tie. 

After a generational exile spent adorning quaint popcorn magnates and fictional Southern lawyers, the bow tie is enjoying a revival. Reinvigorated by urban hipsters who latched onto the outré accessory out of irony, the whimsical neck-knotter has found its way back into the workforce. Case in point: Bow Tie Thursdays. Founded by a trio of Young Turks working in Alberta’s oil and gas industry, the newly minted social and philanthropic organization brings professional bow tie aficionados together on the first Thursday of each month, with meet-ups in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Brooks Brothers two-tone flower, $64. 
Carrot and Gibbs pixel stripe, $75 at Harry Rosen
Brooks Brothers #3 stripe, $64. 
Brooks Brothers sidewheeler stripe, $64. 
Armani stripes, $125 at Holt Renfrew
Carrot and Gibbs micro-stripe, $75 at Harry Rosen.
Brooks Brothers repp stripe, $64.