Canadian Transit Prices on the Rise

Vancouver transit prices last increased in 2013.

Transit prices are on the rise across Canada, but Vancouver remains out in front 

Vancouverites have long lamented the continued rise in transit prices, the most recent of which came in January 2013. But how exactly does Vancouver stack up against cities across the country: are prices as high as we’d like to believe? 

Below is a breakdown of how much a single-use transit pass will cost you in four Canadian cities, and what you get for each price of admission.

Toronto: Entitles you to one continuous trip with the Toronto Transit Commission (the subway, bus and streetcar), including transfers between routes.

Calgary: This is a flat fare for one trip on any standard service within Calgary, including the bus, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and the C-Train (the city’s light-rail train), with transfers included.

Montreal: Lets riders take one trip on Montreal’s metro and/or bus services, including transfers, and expires after 120 minutes.

Vancouver: Gives riders unlimited access to all three of Vancouver’s transit zones (via bus, Seabus and skytrain) for 90 minutes.