Chemistry Consulting Group Inc.

Number of Employees: 43 Head Office: Victoria

“The partners are caring, supportive and flexible and always thank me for work that I do, no matter how big or small the job, so I know I am appreciated”

Any company that asks prospective employees if they’d eat a dog biscuit as part of a team-building exercise during an interview surely has a sense of humour. Only a few people out of 20 recently interviewed responded negatively to the question, and, with another batch of employees about to be hired, it looks like some like-minded players are poised to join the Chemistry Consulting team. The company has tripled its staff over the past 2½ years, and, with nine offices across the province, the management consulting firm can consider itself well practiced at the art of managing happy employees. Steady growth doesn’t mean the powers that be have lost sight of what really matters. Everyone on the payroll can depend on the company to match their RRSP payments, and all are encouraged to upgrade their education and take advantage of the occasional “just because” day. Bet they don’t get many muffled sock-over-the-receiver “sick” calls. Click here to look at the next winner