Commercial Interior Design, Vancouver-style

Interior design is being increasingly recognized as more than “just paint and pillows,” and rightfully so.
Interior designers work with more than just your colour scheme in mind. They have an intimate knowledge of building structure and technol

Interior Design: WOW Suites at the W Hotel Lexington, NYC
The transition from inside to out is seamless with glass double doors and a stylishly furnished outdoor space. The acrylic digital art developed for the sitting area (inside) brings similar imager

Interior Design: WOW Suites at the W Hotel Lexington, NYC
Custom BADA boxes (light boxes) reach up the wall into the loft bedroom, connecting these two open-concept spaces.

Image courtesy of Farmboy Fine Arts

Interior Design: WOW Suites at the W Hotel Lexington, NYC
A mirror-paneled wall and ceiling-high windows give a narrow space depth and character. The BADA boxes (back-lit acrylic art) were custom designed for the main living area.

Image courtesy of Fa

Interior Design: Rotana Hotel, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Custom artwork fused with pieces of furniture: Mounting custom-painted canvas as a headboard gives an everyday bed frame personality. Digital imagery was given a textured treatment by adding a finishin

Interior Design: Staybridge Suites, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Farmboy Fine Arts created these custom-coloured canvases by printing and framing artwork from National Emirates artists. The pieces meet the design intent of the interior design and branding teams

Interior Design: The Yas Hotel, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
This five-star hotel was built for the first Formula One race on Yas Island. The hotel houses an exclusive National Emirates art collection developed by Farmboy Fine Arts. Colourful pieces of art like

Image courtesy of SmartDesign Group

Interior Design: Cibo Tratorria, Vancouver
SmartDesign added warmth to the dining room at Cibo Trattoria restaurant in Vancouver with a chic, gas fireplace encased in white marble.

Interior Design: Royal Columbian Hospital
Kasian created this bright and flexible space in the Royal Columbian Hospital Renal Dialysis Unit to provide a recuperative environment that supportslife, growth, nurturing and caring.

Image courtesy of Kasian

Interior Design: Everything Wine
SmartDesign remains true to their mantra of appealing to and energizing customers. Their treatment of Everything Wine’s North Vancouver location is a balanced combination of pragmatism and extravagance.

Image court

Interior Design: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport de Montréal
The duty free store in the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport de Montréal is laced with stimulating design features. It’s the largest of its kind in North America and houses awalk-