Concord Pacific’s THE ARC Brings Design to New Heights

THE ARC features first-class amenities and an impressive design that stands out for all the right reasons 

Given the growing demand for urban living, residential developments have become par for the course in Vancouver—but few carry the potential to transform the city’s most densely packed core. 
THE ARC, Concord Pacific’s newest development, is set to change that thinking. Located at the northern foot of the Cambie Bridge, the building is part of a $1.3-billion project that represents a visual gateway to Downtown Vancouver, and will join the likes of local landmarks such as the Shangri-La, Trump Tower and the recently green-lighted Vancouver House. The two-tower development is designed by Vancouver-based architect Walter Francl and features a soft, organic shape, which complements the design of its neighbouring sister property, One Pacific, as well as Vancouver’s own distinct landscape. 
“Architecturally, THE ARC is reminiscent of a moving flag insofar as the building’s edges curve in and out to create a sense of movement,” explains Peter Webb, vice-president of development at Concord Pacific. “This produces a welcoming, ‘open arms’ gateway into the downtown core that stands in brilliant opposition to the area’s more rigid structures.”
Soon-to-be home to approximately 400,000 square feet of residential space, THE ARC’s most striking feature is a floating corridor that connects the building’s East and West towers on the 20th floor. Here, residents can access a number of world-class amenities, such as a fitness centre, bar and lounge, meeting area and deck, plus a suspended glass-bottomed pool with stunning views to the plaza below. It’s from this unique space that the building bears its name—a direct reference to Paris’ iconic Arc de Triomphe.
In addition to over 500 residential homes, THE ARC—in combination with One Pacific—will also include 60,000 square feet of commercial space at its ground level. A number of restaurants, cafes, grocers and retail outlets are set to open shop here, creating a true neighbourhood hub that fulfills a growing need for conveniently placed shops and services. On a global scale, the development also elevates a familiar concept of urban living that holds deep roots in Vancouver.
“THE ARC represents the next generation of Vancouverism—an evolving brand of high-density architecture and master planning that’s come to define the city’s landscape over the past 30 years,” says Webb. “It’s a building that satisfies a geographical, social and cultural purpose for the very city it sits in.”


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