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Connecting B.C. Producers with the World

Sachiel Connect can help you access fast-growing emerging markets

From left: Iris Duan, proposed director; Ian Mallmann, proposed CFO; Bei Nie, founder; S. Randall Smallbone, proposed president and CEO; Wei Kang, proposed director.

Sachiel Connect can help you access fast-growing emerging markets

Sachiel Connect is a company you are going to want to know about. It’s one of those startups that the avant-garde of business and tech are raving about, but the general public is not yet fully in on the secret. Launched in 2016, Sachiel Connect is an information services platform engaging the very cutting edge of technology development in order to connect Canadian food and beverage suppliers with international buyers in markets such as China, India and Africa. The company is making waves not only because its young and savvy startup team is devoted to innovation, but also because it has committed itself to a number of initiatives important to Canada as a whole.

Following Canada’s 150th birthday last year, new interest in forging partnerships and collaborative efforts with Canada’s indigenous communities emerged. Sachiel Connect is at the fore of this social responsibility, injecting it into the firm’s corporate mandate. As a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, Sachiel Connect hosts numerous indigenous-owned businesses on its platform and seeks to assist in their growth in new markets worldwide.

Sachiel Connect acts as an intermediary, connecting Canadian small and mid-sized producers with businesses around the world. In supporting small businesses that compete with large multinationals, Sachiel is also helping bolster the struggling Canadian middle class. Since its inception, the company has overseen the launch of more than 300 products and 100 brands worldwide. Producers of products like honey, wine and other agri-foods with a health focus have access to more than a million members of Sachiel’s community.

As general manager Da Ke Zhao notes, “Through our platform, we were able to introduce Queen Bee Honey, the country’s oldest honey producer, to an international buyer in China. This buyer purchased all of its inventory, including its high-end products such as Royal Jelly and pollen.”   

As Sachiel Connect is a web-based gateway, the opportunities for technological growth are immense. Already engaging the capabilities of big data to target consumers with utmost precision, Sachiel’s latest quest has been to employ blockchain technology in the service of anti-counterfeit measures and product verification systems on the platform. Buyers on Sachiel Connect can now be assured that the products they are getting are authentic and top-quality. It’s no wonder that in a mere six months, Sachiel has signed up more than one million buyers.

On Dec. 14, 2017, Sachiel Connect made an exciting announcement as part of its end-of-year milestone event. The company reported that it would be going public by signing a letter of intent to effect a qualifying transaction with Exalt Capital Corp., a capital pool company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. This has ignited further interest in Sachiel Connect and also attracted highly successful professionals such as S. Randall Smallbone, who is slated to become the chief executive officer, president and director of the newly merged operation, as well as The Hon. Jack Austin, former chief of staff to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who is the company’s proposed chair. No doubt these high-profile figures will garner even more public attention for Sachiel Connect going forward, as will the capital it now has access to as a publicly traded company.