CW Parent Documentation

How to Create New Blocks

A block has the following attributes: Content, Region, Weight and Location.
Name (Descrption): This is what appears on the block list page
Content: self-explanatory
Region: left sidebar, right sidebar
Weight: If multiple blocks on a page, which one appears where, lighter the weight the higher it goes
Page Visibility: On which pages/sections a block appears on

Page Visibility:
At the bottom of every block, there are settings for Page specific visibility; if a page is by itself (i.e. work with us) and has no sub-pages then you can specify the block visibility based on the url. For the “Work With Us” landing page, you would enter “cw/work-with-us”

Therefore setting blocks on category landing pages is set by the navigation urls. On article pages (only applies to Our Services articles) – then the url that is entered into the block is slightly different:
our services articles url: canada-wide/our-services*

Where the asterisk is a wildcard.

Step 1: Goto admin/build/block or admin/build/block/add
Step 2: Give your block a description (titles aren’t displayed anyway) – give it a consistent prefix such as CW Parent, as not blocks from BCB and GW also appear here.
Step 3: Fill in the block body – full html is accepted here and line breaks do not automatically create paragraph breaks
Step 4: Save Block
Step 5: Find your Block under the “Disabled” Blocks – Click ‘Configure’
Step 6: Edit the Page Visibility at the bottom of the block
Step 7: Save Block and turn it on by selecting from the region drop-down left sidebar, or right sidebar. The weight is optional unless there are more than 1 block on a page.

How to Create an Article

Creating any article for the Canada Wide Parent site is essentially the same as on BCB and GW, except that it doesn’t use all the available form fields. The ones that apply to CW articles are:

Main Article Title
Global Canada Wide Categories (drop-down)
Article Image
Article Image Caption
Article Body
Inline Article Field
File Attachments (optional)

Step 1: Goto or click “Create Article” from the admin sidebar menu
Step 2: Enter the article title
Step 3: Select a category (at the bottom) under the Canada Wide category (i.e. Our Products etc…).
Step 4: Enter keywords that describe this article
Step 5: Browse and Upload an article image (appears in the right sidebar)
Step 6: Enter Article Image Caption (appears under the image, can be html (i.e. linked)
Step 7: Enter a Subtitle
Step 8: Enter an Intro
Step 9: Enter the Article Body

Pre-styled HTML to use here: Visual Formatting is dependent on using the exact html below.
Key Facts; wrap whatever relevant text in the html below

Key Facts

Your text

Dotted Separator Line:

Orange Text:

Your text

Bulleted Lists:

  • Text

Orange Arrow Lists:

  • Text

Special Sections (i.e. Making Connections); will render a pre-styled box.

your text

Step 10: Inline Article Field

Pre-styled HTML to use here:

Orange Header with arrow:

Your text

Black Header with asterisk:

Your text

Step 11: File Attachments (optional)

To add additional images to the main body, you can use the file attachment as a simple way to upload images. They all end up in one place on the server (/files/foo.jpg), so it doesn’t matter from which article you upload them. After uploading them you can add this html anywhere to make them show up:

whatever you want

Step 12: You’re done! Click Submit

Editing Homepage static content

Changing the static text on the homepage, requires editing something called a “Panel” – be extremely cautious! The homepage panel can be found here /admin/build/panels/edit/22

The *only* section that requires editing is under Bottom Column 1, do not change anything else.
Step 1: Click on Configure to open the edit box, edit html here.
Step 2: Click Save at the bottom.

Scheduling Content to the Homepage

You can schedule content on the homepage via these urls, available in this doc or from the sidebar navigation links or directly from the homepage, by click the “S” icon next to each previously slotted story.

Schedule Slot1
Schedule Slot2
Schedule Slot3
Schedule Slot4
Schedule Slot5