Digital Marketing for Senior Entrepreneurs

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Smartt Canada offers seven digital marketing tips to help senior entrepreneurs grow their businesses

After reading BCBusiness’ recent article “Starting Anew After Retirement” on the uprising and the financial hardship of senior entrepreneurship, Smartt Canada has come up with seven economical digital marketing tips that can help senior entrepreneurs grow in today’s environment:

1. Use Google products. Google’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products such as Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Gmail are all free tools that can significantly boost entrepreneurs’ productivity. Google Analytics is especially useful if the entrepreneur is in the eCommerce space, as it can generate valuable information such bounce rates and pageviews per visit. In addition to Google Analytics, other Google products such as Google Calendar and Google Drive can improve business workflow. Google Drive is particularly effective as it hosts a central database where all employees may be given permission to create and edit documents.

2. Use Google Places. This is a free Google service that allows entrepreneurs to have a phonebook-like listing on Google Search and Google Maps. Google Places is extremely useful for targeting local shoppers as 97 per cent of all consumers search for local companies online. 

3. Use cloud-sharing services. Free SaaS products such as Baseamp, DropBox and Box enable entrepreneurs to store documents on the cloud. These tools can help business owners remain organized by allowing them to have central data storage spaces (similar to Google Drive) where users can easily edit and upload documents. These services are especially useful if the entrepreneur has a growing team and is facing data management issues.

4. Launch a blog post and blog regularly. Website content can help entrepreneurs drive organic traffic to their websites. By frequently producing online content, entrepreneurs can increase their websites’ likelihoods of being visited by searchers who are seeking relevant information. To effectively target consumers with online content, entrepreneurs should publish three blog posts per week regarding industry-related news or topics that resonate with their consumers. This content will help entrepreneurs increase their SEO rankings and attract more visitors.

5. Publish guest blog posts. Guest blogging is a form of traditional PR. By submitting content to credible sources such as BCBusiness or Inc. Magazine, entrepreneurs not only can bolster their credibility, but also encourage readers to visit their company websites, personal profiles or social media pages. Guest blogging can also help entrepreneurs build relationships with media companies, which can be extremely useful in the future when entrepreneurs want to receive exposure for their brands.

6. Use email services. Email services such as MailChimp can help entrepreneurs actively target customers and prospects. By using free email services, entrepreneurs can routinely promote their upcoming or current sales events, distribute blog content or give insights on industry-related news to consumers. These engagements will help entrepreneurs drive referral traffic, increase SEO rankings and possibly boost revenues. 

7. Use Google+. This Google-powered social network is arguably the largest influencer of SEO ranking. According to Business 2 Community’s recent article, Google+ 1 is positioned as the top Google Search ranking factor in the United States. (Google+ 1 beat out Facebook shares, number of backlinks and so forth.) Additionally, this social network is expected to overtake Facebook’s social sharing by 2016, making it a vital digital marketing tool.

With these digital marketing tips, senior entrepreneurs can gain competitiveness in the digital space by learning the different tools that best target consumers today. This in turn will help entrepreneurs transform their startups into large organizations one day.


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