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Dynamic Productions Keeps Callers Informed and on the Line

Being put on hold is never fun, but Dynamic Productions keeps callers happy with its creative services 

Do you ever get so frustrated waiting interminably to be put through on a business call that you simply hang up?
If so, you’re hardly alone: 70 per cent of all business callers are put on hold, and the majority of them hang up if they hear silence or beeps.
Filling the void with radio broadcasts isn’t a solution—especially if the station reception is poor or if it broadcasts advertisements for rival companies.
The answer is to fill the void with custom on-hold messages, which is precisely what the team of professional copywriters, broadcasters and producers at Dynamic Productions Inc. have been doing since the company’s inception 20 years ago.
Thousands of businesses rely on Dynamic to keep callers satisfied until their calls can be handled, with lively and upbeat Telehold messages that do everything from provide information about products to educational consumer tips.
This is vitally important to the retail sector, considering that over 16 per cent of callers make purchasing decisions based on the messages they hear while on hold. But whether the company is a retailer, an industry or virtually any organization with a multi-line phone system, Dynamic’s Telehold messages decrease caller hang up and make even a lengthy wait period seem shorter.
Dynamic was developed by founder Pat Meyers as a full-service solution: knowing that even the most effective Telehold messages can become old news quickly, his production team offers many styles of messages, a choice of different male and female announcers and a huge library to accommodate diverse music tastes. “It’s also standard for us to make five-minute looping messages so callers don’t hear the same thing when they phone back,” says Meyers. “Our goal is always to engage callers, therefore we’re constantly updating messages according to our clients’ preferences.”
But Telehold packages are only one service provided by Dynamic. It also produces in-store announcements, interactive voice response for phone systems and, most recently, background music for everything from grocery stores to hotels.
Thanks to a partnership with Virtual Jukebox, the music offered by Dynamic is so vast that selections can be developed using a specific artist. “The selections are automatically updated every week so in order to keep things fresh and avoid repetition,” says Dynamic managing partner Ryan Soper, adding that ever-tightening licensing regulations mean companies playing their own selection of music is no longer an option.
Meyers got the idea to form Dynamic in 1994 when he called a tire shop, was put on hold and a radio station came on the line playing ads for competing tire stores. “The average business person spends 15 minutes a day on hold, which is 65 hours a year,” he says. “Having to wait on the line may be an inevitable part of doing business, but we turn this negative into a positive, and Telehold messages typically pay for themselves through increased sales.”
More importantly, Dynamic’s services help companies achieve a goal that businesses have in common: making customers feel important.