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Dynamic Productions

Dynamic Productions’ strategic services help businesses to not only retain their clients, but keep them happy

There’s no surer way to raise peoples’ blood pressure than by putting them on hold–something that happens to 70 per cent of all business callers.

In fact, the average caller spends 15 minutes a day waiting to be transferred to the person he or she is trying to reach. However, for the past 20 years the professionals at Dynamic Productions Inc. have been transforming this particular aggravation into a business opportunity.

They do so by filling the dead air with telehold messages: lively and informative messages about the products, services and promotions of the company the caller is contacting. Telehold can even impart helpful advice: for example, nutrition tips if the business is related to health.

The result is a drastic decrease in caller hang-up and the elimination of even more undesirable scenarios, as Dynamic founder Pat Meyers explains. “I got the idea to form my company when I called a tire shop, was put on hold and a radio station came on the line,” he recalls. “Unfortunately for the shop, the station proceeded to play ads for competing tire stores. I realized how valuable a service-oriented company that provides tailor-made messages would be.”

But Telehold packages with a variety of content (so listeners hear something different every time they phone) are only one of the services Dynamic’s copywriters and professional announcers provide.

They also produce in-store announcements, interactive voice response for phone systems and, most recently, background music for everything from grocery stores to hotels. Thanks to a partnership with Virtual Jukebox, the music offered by Dynamic is so vast that selections can be developed using a specific artist; and as Ryan Soper, Dynamic’s managing partner points out, “the selections are automatically updated every week.”

At a time when client retention is more important than ever, Dynamic Productions’ services are vital to thousands of businesses in a huge range of sectors. The message is simple: replacing dead air with the power of the human voice is a sure way to boost sales, build a brand–and lower blood pressure.