Dyrand Systems Inc.

Dyrand works tirelessly to solve its clients IT problems in an efficient and timely manner

For business owners, efficiency in the workplace is crucial for success; and no one understands this better than Vancouver-based Dyrand Systems Inc.

Since 2001, Dyrand has been providing managed information technology (IT) and networked services for small- and medium-sized organizations, allowing its clients to spend time and energy on the day-to-day operations of their respective businesses and not on investigating and solving IT issues. “Put all of your IT headaches on our shoulders,” says Dyrand founder and managing director Ed Anderson. “Think of us as your virtual IT department.”

With its head office in Vancouver and branches in Toronto and Halifax, Dyrand is made up of 23 staff members—15 of whom are IT specialists. Its teams provide support for businesses in a variety sectors, including construction and manufacturing, law and insurance, and finance. With each new company it works with Dyrand implements a set of processes to ensure it meets the expectations of the client, as well as their own. So what does this process include?

Having a clear understanding of a situation is vital. Dyrand’s IT specialists consider the business requirements of the client and undergo an assessment process to make sure it has a firm grasp of the client’s business applications, and how important each one is. “We do a technical assessment, but the business assessment is critical prior to making any recommendations on their IT infrastructure. This involves interviewing key department personnel, surveying employees and compiling the findings to paint a clear picture,” explains Anderson. These steps give Dyrand the information it needs to match the IT requirements of a company with the right solutions, and enables clients to achieve their business goals as smoothly as possible.

Also, Dyrand is built to over deliver. Despite its clients being small to mid-sized businesses, the tools in Dyrand’s kit allow for enterprise-level support. “Using tools such as ITIL, being Controlled Goods Certified and having managing director Nicholas Drayer—who came from the enterprise world—ensures we stay ahead of the curve. This means we can provide a level of support that’s above expectations, and in turn our clients can enjoy the same high-quality systems its competitors do,” Anderson states.

Although its processes are one of the company’s biggest strengths, it is Dyrand’s healthy corporate culture that stands out. The IT business can be stressful,” says Anderson. “We not only say we believe in a work/life balance, we enforce it. If our staff has to work overtime they must take that time off within a couple of weeks, which ensures they don’t burn themselves and are spending time with family and friends.

Dyrand is comprised of skilled, detail-oriented and caring specialists, making it the perfect solution for companies that have IT and networked service issues.