English Bay Law Corporation – Corporate, Real Estate and Securities Law

English Bay Law Corporation is a boutique law office based in Vancouver, British Columbia, providing customized corporate, commercial and real estate legal solutions to individuals and corporations. Founded in 2003 by barrister and solicitor Jonathan Reilly, the firm provides legal services in corporate, real estate and securities law.

Our expertise includes buying and selling businesses or property, setting up companies and partnerships, drafting contracts and agreements, commercial leases, agreements of purchase and sale, innovative structures, and securities related to raising private equity.

Because we are small, we appreciate the limitations our clients face in budgets and time, because we face them as well, as a growing small business.

Our mission is to understand what our clients do in their businesses, so that we can provide them with customized, personal legal advice and services.

At English Bay Law Corporation, building long-term relationships is important to us, and we want to grow along with our clients.

We value our small-business clients, being a small business ourselves. We appreciate the small business environment and the issues facing our clients in a way that lawyers employed by large firms do not. We understand balancing revenues and expenses on tight budgets and the need to obtain professional advice that is timely, affordable and useful. We don’t guarantee the advice will be what was hoped for, but we will do our best not to waste time and money getting there.

Along with standard hourly rates, we like to bill on a flat-fee basis wherever possible. Clients prefer the certainty, and we like the challenge to be efficient. If we obtain exceptional results, or if the transaction collapses, we may adjust our fee up or down to reflect what we believe a client will find reasonable.

On occasion, clients will ask us to attend meetings, seminars or other events related to their businesses. We often do so at no cost to our client because it helps to develop both our clients’ and our own business and our understanding of what our clients do and who they in turn serve.

We have a network of experts in the legal, financial and real estate fields who can serve your needs under our direction. We can also refer you to tax experts if needed. In fact, if we cannot provide what you need, or if you need expertise in another area, we will advise you and try to find an expert who can serve your needs.

Our vision for the future includes making technology serve us so that we can easily and securely serve our clients from anywhere in the world when they need it, looking at “cloud” computing services and beyond.

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