English Bay Law Corporation

English Bay Law Corporation provides business, security and real estate legal advice to companies of all sizes

English Bay Law Corporation founder and President Jonathan Reilly feels that being a small firm gives him a unique advantage in the area of private equity. He often works with clients that are raising money to start or expand their business operations.

“One of the things that makes us more flexible with our client base is that I’m the one who makes the decisions. I have clients that come to me with a good business plan and a solid track record, and even if they don’t have the financing up front I can decide to take them on,” says Reilly.

English Bay Law Corporation’s ability to adapt to all situations is why it has survived the economic hardships of the last four years. In 2010, Reilly moved his firm from downtown Vancouver to South Granville as part of a cost-saving exercise. “We appreciate the environment and issues our clients face in a way unfamiliar to most large-firm lawyers,” he says. “We understand our clients’ need to balance revenues and expenses on tight budgets and obtain professional advice that is timely, affordable and practical.”

English Bay Law has been able to respond to rapid changes in the economy by focusing on new areas. Recreational real estate took a downturn several years ago, and the mining sector followed more recently. Now, Reilly is optimistic about changes in the business environment. “Starting in January, we definitely saw improvement in the economy and that accelerated into a busy summer. Clients are raising money, signing leases and negotiating business agreements again.  We are excited to be contributing to that process and once again to be expanding with our clients.”