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BC Hydro Power Smart Excellence Awards

BC Hydro recognizes the companies and professionals in B.C. that are leading the way in energy conservation

The BC Hydro Power Smart Excellence Awards celebrate the province’s champions of sustainability.

The bi-annual event recognizes dozens of businesses and individuals dedicated to energy conservation, leadership and innovation.

BC Hydro Power Smart has been acknowledging businesses and leaders for proactive approaches to energy efficiency and conservation for 10 years—and each time these individuals and organizations set the bar higher.

Thirty leaders and companies are celebrated in 10 categories: Power Smart Leader, Leadership Excellence, Energy Manager, New Construction, Outstanding Energy Efficiency Project, Conservation Awareness and Engagement, Consumer Product Manufacturer, National Retailer, Regional Retailer and the Larry Bell Award for Advancing Energy Conservation. Finalists in all these categories prove that no matter what the sector or the size of the team, energy efficiency is something any organization can achieve.

The Power Smart Leader award—BC Hydro’s highest level of recognition—is awarded to B.C. companies that continuously demonstrate an exceptional approach to strategic energy management and an ongoing dedication to being green.

Among the many examples of award-winning efforts are innovative construction projects that incorporate energy-efficient design; unique employee-based energy conservation campaigns; and retailers who have partnered with Power Smart to stock and promote energy-efficient products on their shelves and educate the public about them.

The BC Hydro Power Smart Excellence Awards event brings together savvy business leaders who are dedicated to a culture of conservation and who recognize the benefits of energy efficiency. Being committed to sustainability isn’t just good for the planet; it also makes sound business sense.

Power Smart is having its 25th anniversary this year, and there’s much to celebrate. The energy that’s been conserved by its customers over the last quarter century is enough to power almost half a million homes.

The Excellence Awards do more than recognize local businesses and individuals for their efforts to be energy efficient. They also inspire others to follow suit and make or strengthen their own commitment to conservation. That’s something to celebrate.