February Wine: Moet Chandon Champagne

Bubbles, cocktails and 
chocolates that are 
fit for a champion.

Ask an Oenophile

The Expert: André St. Jacques, owner and proprietor, Whistler’s Bearfoot Bistro

The Dish: Himachi sashimi with yuzu watermelon, fresh jalapeno and sesame ginger dressing, $98

The Pairing: Moët & Chandon Champagne, $29 per glass / 
$145 per bottle 

Taste of Victory

The dish I’m pairing this champagne with is part of our three-course winter menu. The hint of ginger in the champagne really enhances the ginger dressing while at the same time nicely cutting the jalapeno on the plate. The dish doesn’t take over the champagne and the champagne doesn’t take over the dish; it’s important to have that balance. 

Moët is one of my favourite non-vintage champagnes. There are very seldom bad champagnes but each has a different style, and people like certain styles of champagne – be it citrusy, crisp, robust or even oaky. Moët is very round. In addition to the ginger, I also like the apple that comes out. 

Champagne is the easiest wine to pair as it’s very versatile. The effervescence really elevates anything that you have on your palate. I think only a few restaurants choose to pair champagne because it’s expensive. Champagne has managed to create a distinct market for itself, more so than any other wine. There’s an aura of movie stars, Monaco, celebration; it’s something that’s brought out for an occasion. But for me, it’s an everyday wine. If you like champagne, why wait?

The Eternal Flame

Taste of Victory

Get into the Olympic spirit(s) this month with Four Seasons’ Eternal Flame cocktail. One ounce of Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka and one ounce of pear purée are topped with 1½ ounces of Monavie acai berry energy drink and served in a torch-like copper glass. The pièce de résistance? A half-ounce of Hill’s Absinth poured over a cube of brown sugar and lit on fire. Choose a bronze 
(Col de Salici Prosecco Brut, $28), silver (Sumac Ridge Stellar’s Jay Brut, $30) or gold (Pol Roger Cuvee de Reserve Extra Brut N/V, $32) sparkling wine to douse your flame. fourseasons​.com/whistler

Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat

For Valentine’s Day, the newest Thomas Haas Patisserie location on West Broadway has three macaroons to please your sweetheart: raspberry, white chocolate raspberry and dark chocolate raspberry. Inspired by the French macaron, these heart-shaped macaroons are made with a delicate almond meringue shell filled with a soft ganache rather than the usual shredded coconut. The focus is simple yet flavourful. Perfect on its own or with a hot chocolate. $6 each, thomashaas.com.