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Gage-Babcock & Associates Ltd.

Fire, life safety and security standards have become so voluminous that no individual—no matter how learned—can possibly understand them all. This is a challenge in real estate development, where it’s common that architectural plans don’t always meet the codes and standards of various levels of government. Fortunately, the Vancouver-based team of Gage-Babcock & Associates Ltd. (GBA) bridges the gap between design vision and compliance, without compromising either value.
For nearly 40 years, GBA has dedicated its building code, life safety, property protection and fire protection engineering expertise to clients across Canada. Its services include building code consulting; alternative solution development; certified professional (CP) services; fire suppression systems design; and security consulting.
The key to GBA’s success is hard work and a commitment to perpetual learning. “No matter how long someone’s been with us, the improvement of skills is constant,” says GBA president Randall Kovacs. “For example, we have several experienced staff members who are working towards getting their masters in fire protection engineering from the University of Waterloo.”
The recently completed LEED Gold-certified Jim Pattison Outpatient Care & Surgery Centre in Surrey is just one of hundreds of examples of how GBA deploys its services. For this massive surgery, diagnostic and specialized health facility, GBA acted as the Certified Professional (CP) and code consultant, helping to meet construction schedules thanks to alternative solutions regarding the incorporation of wood elements; protection of glazing at parking level vestibules and corridors.
Kovacs agrees that it’s a challenge to meet the needs of code regulators as well as architects. “But at the end of the day we manage to satisfy all parties,” he says. “More importantly, we ensure the safety of building occupants.”