Gamer Favourite World of Warcraft To Be Filmed in B.C.

World of Warcraft | BCBusiness
World of Warcraft will begin production in January 2014

The studio behind Batman and Man of Steel will shoot fantasy flick starting in January, according to industry reports

Legendary Pictures has chosen Vancouver for the production of popular video-game-franchise-cum-film World of War Craft. Duncan Jones, the man behind Moon and son of David Bowie, will be directing the orcs-and-magic themed film. Shooting is set to begin Jan. 13, 2014, according to the Vancouver Sun.

“It goes to show that we’ve got the diversity of skills and that we’ve really become a film center,” says Peter Leitch, president of North Shore Studios and chair of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of B.C. 

Leitch also points to competitive dollar and tax credit incentives as factors that help B.C. compete for big budget productions with other jurisdictions.

Big-budget productions have had a tough go in the past six months: in August, production for the rebooted Fantasic Four was moved to Louisiana, while Legendary Pictures chose to move production for the sequel of the Vancouver-shot Man of Steel to Toronto and Michigan.

That hundred-million-dollar features are choosing to film in B.C is a good sign, says Leitch.  “It has been a good season for television pickups, features and the industry overall have been slow,” he says, “but now that we’re getting these features, it shows that we still have a solid value proposition here.”