Go Figure: B.C. gets back to work

Credit: Rawpixel/Pixabay

To honour September’s Labour Day grills and last grasps at summer vacation, we take a look at the province’s job numbers

4/10 working Canadians would choose B.C. if they had to relocate for a job

In a 2018 Leger report on Canadian workers…

85% of British Columbians were satisfied with their job

77% felt motivated

64% were considering self-employment

35% planned to change jobs in the next two years

63% of British Columbians have experienced burnout at work
57% Canadian average


Total revenue from B.C.’s employment services industry (including temp agencies, executive recruiters and placement firms) in 2017

?11.9% from 2016

36.2% Share of the B.C. workforce that was unionized in 1988
In 2018: 29.1%

Number of jobs in B.C. in 2018: 2,493,600 

?10% from 2013

903,000 additional jobs expected by 2028

Total hours worked  in B.C. in 2018: 4,179,854,000 

Average number of hours worked annually per person: 1,666 

42 hours less than 10 years ago

Average hourly wage: $26.77 

?4.1% from 2017

Industries with the biggest percentage job gain in B.C. since 2008:

Health care and social services ?34%

Professional, computer and scientific services ?26%

With the biggest percentage job loss:

Agriculture ?30%

Manufacturing ?2%

Teenage girls in Canada get paid an average of $3 less per hour than boys at their summer jobs

The wage gap rises to $6 per hour when the employer is family, friends or neighbours