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Hashtags from the Future of Work


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What words will describe resilience for your organization over the next 12 months?

These hashtags guide conversation and spark dialogue about real change. They represent emerging themes we have discovered in our research on challenges people and organizations face amidst disruption. Our partner Herman Miller is a research and design company. It has created a scenario planning workshop to help guide dialogue about the future.


Leaders are building their businesses stronger with resilient capacity. Resilience turns challenge into opportunity for growth. Herman Miller has built a framework based on People, Process, and Place that outlines its vision for the future,  fosters a deeper dialogue with customers, and builds resilience to better prepare organizations for what’s next.


The People, Process, Place Framework must begin by putting people’s needs and comfort first towards creating a total work experience, whether remote or co-located.

While everyone’s current emphasis is on security (health, safety, familiarity, trust, and competence) the human need-sets will quickly transition to autonomy (seeking freedom in our actions and decisions) and belonging (building meaningful connections to others). Prioritizing workplace decisions by the work people perform every day will create workplaces that are safer and more effective. Aligning every element of a place to support the emerging needs of people and process is our expertise.

#Workplace_is_ Everywhere

Distributed work is the new reality.

77% – the percentage of people who want to continue working from home at least once a week

6% – the percentage of people who don’t want to work from home at all in the future

3/4 – the number of days per week employees with the highest engagement rates spend working remotely

The challenges of distributed work range from team collaboration to leadership and equitable work process support. We know a dynamic workplace will be resilient when it:

•   Builds community

•   Provides equitable experience

•   Reinforces organizational purpose

•   Enables effective work

We can help ensure your workplace network – office, home, and spaces in-between – is a powerful tool for building resilience.

Work from Home (WFH) Program

Let us help you establish best practices for working from home, monitor the effectiveness of your WFH program, connect people and leaders with WFH training, and provide ergonomic home office solutions.

Crises are opportunities for change. We encourage our clients to seize this opportunity to create something new, different, and better for their organizations.

We hope to move beyond Band-aid product solutions and plexiglass barriers. Let’s begin shaping a new and modern workplace.

Contemporary Office Interiors (COI) is a modern workplace leader committed to innovation and design to improve the human work experience and help organizations prepare and adapt to change.

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