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Two Reverse Snowbirds Seek a Lower Mainland Nest

When partners Susanne Duryea and Ruth Hobbs decided to immigrate to Canada from western Florida two years ago, they sold the diner they owned, cashed in their life savings, and bought an RV. A two month,

OPTION 1: 10 Laguna Court, New Westminster
Duryea and Hobbs loved this property on the New Westminster quay when they viewed it in December 2008, but Kerr thought the listing price of $325,000 was too high.
Their opening bid was $290,000, and several ba

OPTION 2: 1240 Quayside Drive, New Westminster
Sticking to the scenic New West quay, in January 2009 Kerr brought the couple to see a ground-level property going for $337,000. Duryea and Hobbs liked it, and opened the bidding with $219,000. The owners ca

Option 3: 3 Laguna Court, New Westminster
The same month, Kerr took them back to another ground-level condo on the same street as the first property they had liked.
The owners were asking $350,000, so Kerr bid $325,000. But the sellers wanted to rent th

THE SALE: 2105 St George Street, Port Moody
In February of 2009, Kerr brought another set of clients to see this two-level, 2200 square foot home. They didnt like it, so Kerr phoned his girls and told them to do a drive-by. Duryea and Hobbs did, and noti


Kate Allen is a freelance journalist living in Vancouver. Her work has been published in the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, BCBusiness, and Toronto Life. She contributed to an investigative report on the Thai shrimp industry that will air on PBS Frontline in April.