Hot and Not: 2009 Top 100 in B.C.

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An account of who’s rising and who’s falling, ranking-wise, in this year’s Top 100 Private, Public, and Crown corporations

As the saying goes, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. (And then – gulp – the interpretation of statistics.) While it’s impossible to say too much about the financial health of these corporations, it’s fun to see who has made the biggest leaps and tumbles in the past year.

There weren’t many big gains or losses in the Top 25 this year. Most of the jockeying took place further down the list.

Notable Old Hands

– Telus held on to top spot for the how-many-is-it-now year in a row, with $9.6 billion in revenue
– Teck Resources climbed from 3rd to 2nd, but remains a distant second at $6.9 billion in revenue (it also experienced a drop in net income of 59.2 per cent)
– Ledcor Group, the biggest climber in the top 25, leapt to 14th from 18th

Notable Newcomers

– Debut at #82 Concert Properties Ltd. (up 58.9% gross revenues)
– Debut at #83 Glentel Inc. (up 30.6% gross revenues)
– Debut at #85 Westshore Terminals Income Fund (up 60.0% gross revenues)

HOT: The Biggest Gainers (in Ranking)
– Up 26 spots: ITC Construction Group (47th from 73rd)
– Up 21: Premium Brands Income Fund (55th from 76th)
– Up 18: Northgate Minerals (52nd from 70th)
– Up 18: Lululemon Athletica (67th from 85th)
Up 11: Mercer International (33rd from 44th)

HOT: The Biggest Gainers (in Cash)
– Up 358%: Eldorado Gold Corp. (net income)
– Up 220%: Goldcorp Inc. (net income)
– Up 93.9%: Versacold (gross revenue)
– Up 91.2%: Sierra Wireless (net income)
– Up 88.3%: Western Canadian Coal Corp. (gross revenue)

NOT: The Biggest Drops (in Ranking)
– Down 21 spots: Ainsworth Lumber (72nd from 51st)
– Down 18: Flight Centre North America (81st from 63rd)
– Down 13: Hardwoods Distribution Income Fund (88th from 75th)
– Down 12: Polygon Homes Ltd. (69th from 57th)
– Down 12: Seaspan International (61st from 49th)

NOT: The Biggest Drops (in Cash)
– Down 92.7%:Taseko Mines (gross revenue)
– Down 72.5%: Pan American Silver Corp. (gross revenue)
– Down 71.3%: Quadra Mining (gross revenue)
– Down 65.5%: Finning International (net income)
– Down 59.2%: Teck Resources (net income)