How to Target B.C. Consumers on Their Smartphones

A page from the Smartphone Insights Report.

A timely report about mobile consumers in British Columbia by mobile agency iamota and research firm Insights West reveals the opportunities in connecting with consumers via their smartphones

In the “you probably knew this, but let the numbers confirm things anyway” department, 79% of smartphone owners in British Columbia expect good mobile experiences from brands they like and trust.

And 54% are less likely to do business with brands providing poor mobile experiences.

In a much-overdue report about mobile consumers in the province (click here to see the infographic), mobile agency iamota and research firm Insights West recently completed its Smartphone Insights Report with data from an online poll of 849 B.C. adults about the use and role of smartphones and their mobile expectations from brands. Not surprisingly, we’re addicted to our smartphones, with a reported average daily use 1.7 hours. And 18% actually confess to being addicted to their smartphone. More than a third of us (35%) say it is important to have the latest smartphone.

The long-awaited reality of m-commerce (mobile commerce) seems to be upon B.C., too, with half of smartphone owners having paid for something via their smartphone and very interested in doing more so in the future. Of those who have bought something with their phone, 34 per cent have used an app that has an authorized connection to their credit card. “Providing customers with a high quality and engaging mobile experience has moved from a nice to have to a need to have for brands in today’s marketplace,” says Pete Smyth, CEO of iamota. “Brands need to keep pace with consumers and need to shift from doing mobile to disrupting and differentiating with mobile, or risk losing business to a competitor that’s doing it right.”

Download a PDF of the complete infographic.