In praise of name tags: weekly networking tip from Shepa Learning

Shepa Learning Company weekly Positive Networking™ tip No. 723, November 29, 2017: Using someone's name creates a connection

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Using someone’s name creates a connection

Academy Award buzz is all over actor/director Greta Gerwig’s new movie, Lady Bird. Gerwig, who wrote and directed the film, tells Chris Knight of the National Post that her experience as an actress gave her a first-hand view of the director’s skills behind the camera. One technique she describes is interesting to us (as networking experts, not film directors), and it’s the power of using name tags.

Here is what Gerwig took from working with director Mike Mills on the 2016 movie 20th Century Women: “Every single crew member including him would wear name tags. Usually when you’re on set as an actor…you won’t have enough time to remember the boom operator’s name or the second electric’s name. It makes them feel like they are their position, not full people.”

Check out our Sticky Note Quote below from Gerwig on texting and working.

“…because nothing takes you out of the moment more than to look over and see somebody texting. If you need to text or make a phone call, you can leave the set and come back and be totally present.” ?Greta Gerwig, in a National Post interview

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