In regard to our Friday, May 19 newsletter

Dear BCBusiness subscribers, 

On Friday, May 19, our online newsletter included a story about the new CEO of the Business Council of British Columbia. 

The newsletter included an inappropriate caption under the story, which we sincerely and deeply apologize for. As editor in chief of the magazine, the buck stops with me and I made a serious mistake in not taking the time to properly review the content of the newsletter.

I take full responsibility for this. I have apologized to the BCBC unreservedly for the mistake and vow to learn from it going forward. 

To Laura Jones and all our readers, including the many women who have been so gracious with their time in supporting the magazine and letting us profile them, I’m sorry. 

On behalf of the entire editorial team—Rushmila Rahman, Anicka Quin, Nina Wagner and myself—we sincerely apologize.

I hope we can earn your trust back eventually and will work my hardest to that end.

Nathan Caddell