Indochino Arrives in Vancouver

Indochino Vancouver Traveling Tailor | BCBusiness
Indochino’s Traveling Tailor pop-up shop is in Vancouver from October 25 to November 3.

Vancouver-based online retailer Indochino brings its Traveling Tailor pop-up shop back home

Today marks the opening of Indochino’s 15th Traveling Tailor pop-up shop and second appearance in B.C., located at 848 W. Hastings Street in Vancouver. The online men’s apparel retailer launched the Traveling Tailor concept in Vancouver, in November 2011, and after covering 11 cities over the past two years, it’s back home.

“This space in particular was my dream location,” says Indochino CEO Kyle Vucko of the crisp-looking, 4,700-square-foot, lofty location in the downtown core. “We generally like to be close to our customers—something they could walk to on a lunch hour.” Because convenience is crucial for the shop’s success, downtown is a natural fit, but greater Vancouver isn’t completely out of the question. “We’ll get out to those farther regions eventually,” says Vucko, “but not in the near future.”

The shop is here and gone all within 10 days’ time, so Indochino aggressively pursues its customer base in each city. To generate sales and fitting appointments, the company partnered with Facebook to develop custom, targeted ad campaigns, which it says generates over a 20-time return on the ad spend.

Vucko calls the revenue increase following the pop-up shops “massive,” adding that it’s the impetus behind the events. “We’re able to double our customer base in the matter of a week,” he says. “All of those guys become lifetime customers with us that we can engage with after.”

Working with Facebook has been integral to Indochino’s business plan and identity as an online-first business. “We started as an online company, so I think being online, being strappy, being smart about how we build our business is just in our DNA,” says Vucko of the Facebook partnership. “I think how we do retail is just very different from how other companies do retail.”

The Traveling Tailor pop-up shop will be in Vancouver until Sunday, November 3, after which it moves on to Calgary, and then San Jose, California.