January Style: Business Card Wallets

As arbitrary temporal demarcations go, few pack the solid sucker punch of reform quite like the new year. Whether or not one has the willpower to keep one’s pesky resolutions – be it losing weight, finding love, quitting smoking or reading the collected works of Proust – the urge to rise phoenix-like from the ashes of the previous 360-odd days is a strong one. We here at BCBusiness may not possess the wherewithal to guide you in your private life, but we can offer a simple career suggestion: the right business-card holder makes a strong statement about you and your aspirations. It also saves you from rummaging in your pockets or purse for an embarrassingly crumpled card.

  1. 1. Hermès signature orange hand-tooled envelope. $595, hermes.com
  2. 2. Purple leather Duchamp. $125 from Holt Renfrew, holtrenfrew.com
  3. 3. Blue leather with black stripe Prada. $155 from Holt Renfrew, holtrenfrew.com
  4. 4. Art Deco stainless steel and enamel, designed by Argentine architect Alberto Berga-Perales. $54.95 from Obsessions, 595 Howe St., Vancouver, 604-684-0748
  5. 5. Sterling Silver 1837 Card Case. $340 from Tiffany, tiffany.ca