January Style: Snow Goggles

Snow goggles complement today's stylish ski kit.

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Snow goggles complement today’s stylish ski kit.

Like most sporting gear, snow goggles are unevenly weighted between form and function. Their main purpose: to offer vision through the driving snow, prevent watering eyes and escape snow blindness. That said, there’s no reason why goggles shouldn’t be fashionable and these days they are, with polarizing lenses and colourful, space-age plastics etched with loud graphics. Originally they were an invention of the Inuit who carved thin slits into pieces of caribou antler, wood or bone and fastened them to the bridge of the nose with a leather strap. In the late 1990s they made a brief fashion splash off the slopes when worn as sunglasses by teen actors and various boy bands. The original model would make a better conversation starter during après, though.

From top:
Quiksilver Q2, $129.99. quiksilver.com
Roxy Torah Bright Rockferry, $149.99. roxy.com
Scott Sanction Plus, $119.99. sportchek.ca
Quiksilver Travis Rice Hubble, $179.99. quiksilver.com