Local digital marketing school steps up with skills training for Black entrepreneurs

Black entrepreneurs and businesses in B.C. just got a digital boost.

Black entrepreneur

Credit: Rodnae Productions/Pexels

In partnership with the Black Business Association of BC, Jelly Academy is footing the bill for 10 people to take its marketing program

Black entrepreneurs and businesses in B.C. just got a digital boost.

Joining forces with the Black Business Association of BC (BBABC), Jelly Academy is offering 10 people skills and business development funding to take its digital marketing program this year. The donation will cover the cost of Jelly Academy’s six-week course, which gives students foundational skills. Graduates earn 11 industry-recognized micro-credentials, the most for any such bootcamp in the country.

“We are so pleased to be partnering with the Black Business Association of BC to assist more Black entrepreneurs to get the industry recognized micro-credentials that are needed to boost their business goals via digital marketing,” Darian Kovacs, founder of Jelly Academy, said in a release. “As we look to get the next generation of digital marketers equipped with the much-needed skills, it is important that we ensure Black businesses and entrepreneurs are prioritized in these efforts.”

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BBABC supports and advocates for Black-owned entrepreneurs and small businesses across the province. Through its programs and services, which include help with loan and grant applications as well as mentoring and networking opportunities, the group aims to elevate businesses.

“Our most recent digital needs assessment survey found that 90 percent of respondents identified the adoption of digital marketing tools would benefit their business,” said Nerissa Allen, president and CEO of BBABC. “By reducing the cost barrier, we directly support Black-owned businesses in accessing the tools they need to remain sustainable.”